NC Disaster Recovery Fund for Older Adults and Agencies Serving Older Adults

In an effort to address unmet needs and long-term recovery of North Carolina’s older adults and local aging agencies affected by Hurricanes Florence and Michael, the North Carolina Association on Aging (NCAOA), North Carolina Association of Area Agencies on Aging (NC4A), AARP North Carolina, and North Carolina Coalition on Aging (NCCOA) have partnered to establish the Disaster Recovery Fund for Seniors in restoring hope and resilience to older adults and agencies who provide services to older adults.  This application will be vetted and reviewed through the AAA (Area Agency on Aging) for approval and will be sent to the NCAOA treasurer to disburse funds to the approved agency.    NC-Disaster-Recovery-Fund-for-Seniors-Fact-Sheet-and-NCAOA

Who Can Be Served with the Funds:  The target audience for the Funds are North Carolina residents 55 and over who resides in a county for which a disaster declaration has been received from FEMA as well as local aging agencies in those counties who have been adversely impacted by the storms.  This recovery fund is designed to help those needs for which no additional resources are available to provide help.

What Can Assistance Funds Cover:   Funds can be used to help cover costs for which no additional resources are available to provide help and assistance. Individuals funds may be used to assist with food, personal hygiene items, clothing, transportation, home repairs, health care costs including prescription and over the counter drugs, and additional critical needs not covered by other sources.  Aging agencies may need funds to assist with such costs as services and assistance to local older residents for which no other funds are available, minor repairs to facilities or equipment not covered by other resources, and additional critical needs resulting from the storms not covered by other sources.

How Do Older Adults in Need of Assistance Receive Help:  Older adults in need of assistance should contact their local aging service provider to discuss their needs and to make an application.  Local service providers will work with the Area Agency on Aging with the NC Disaster Recovery Fund application for specified needs.

NC Disaster Recovery Fund for Older Adults and Agencies that Serve Older Adults Application for Assistance


Name:  ____________________________________________________________


Address:  __________________________________________________________




Phone:  ___________________________   E-mail:  ________________________


County of Residence:  ________________________________________________ Area Agency on Aging:______________________________________________________________


Please Describe What Assistance is Needed and Why This is Needed:  _________










___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________



____________________________         ____________________ Signature of Applicant      Date


—————————————————————————————————- To be Completed by Local Aging Agency and submitted to their regional Area Agency on Aging:


Action Taken on Application:  (   )  Approved in Amount of _____     (   ) Not Approved


Authorizing Representative:  ___________________________  Date: ______________ ______________________

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