Message from the Executive Director


2020: Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot

As I write my last message of 2020, I must admit that I have never been more ready to pack up a year and look toward the brightness of a new one.  I am reeling in the year that is soon to pass, as I am certain many of you are.  This was probably the most complicated perhaps even terrifying year of our lifetimes.

The year didn’t start out that way.  At the beginning of the year, we had worked with legislators to provide a recurring cost of living adjustment.  Legislation was drafted and ready.  A petition we began gained thousands of signatures.  We sent to you Call to Action packets in our newsletter asking you to reach out to your local legislators and county commissioners to share the plight of decreasing pension values.  And you did with hundreds of letters coming to elected officials and local newspaper editors! 

Things looked good.  Then COVID swept in forcing us all to scramble to keep our families safe, our children and grandchildren learning, to keep ourselves stable as the undertow of anxiety and despair pulled against us.

Now we are toward the end of 2020.  While we are still fatigued from the forceful hand of fate 2020 clinched upon us, we return to the most perennial opportunity we as a humanity share: that of a new year. We can now search, and hopefully recapture, the sense of optimism, the feeling of rebirth and rejuvenation that the start of a new year brings.

I have written before about doing business in the new normal.  During the dark days of the pandemic, we worked tirelessly to stay in touch, advocate on expanded issues of relevance to your quality of life, and improve our ability to connect with you.  Our momentum continues to rise.  Our scope continues to expand as well as our thoughtfulness on how we can best serve you.

We are working with our elected officials to find new ways to achieve existing goals.  While it is nearly impossible to receive a significant recurring adjustment in 2021 due to the State’s uncertain revenue forecast; we are working with legislators to find creative ways to provide you with inflation relief for 2021.  We will have some exciting things to share with you as we near 2021. Stay tuned.

In whatever manner you celebrate the holidays this year, we want you to be safe and healthy.  We wish you joy and renewal, now and always. 

Happy Holidays!

Richard Rogers
NCRGEA Executive Director