Message from the Executive Director


At this moment, thousands of government employees all across North Carolina are mobilized and actively fighting to protect their fellow citizens from the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

In their fight to keep North Carolina and its people safe from this deadly virus, they are backed up by a strong foundation of public health, public safety, and efficient administration that has been built up over many decades by those who came before them. The state already had a solid infrastructure that made it possible for authorities and healthcare providers to make quick and decisive responses to an emergency.

Please remember the hundreds of thousands of retired government employees, many of whom are now in jeopardy to contract this potentially lethal virus. Older people are at much higher risk of life-threatening illness if they become ill with COVID-19. 

The NCRGEA has put together a set of resources to help both retirees and those close to them to stay informed and protect themselves from the spread of Coronavirus. We are advocating on behalf of retired government employees and working with organizations helping to preserve the health of older North Carolinians and facilitate the recovery of those who do become ill.


Richard Rogers

Richard Rogers
Executive Director