General Assembly


The 2023 session of the NC General Assembly convenes on January 11, 2023 and adjourns on July 23, 2023. Legislators in both chambers serve two-year terms and are not term-limited. 

You can watch our Lobbyists reporting updates on the NC Legislative sessions at our YouTube Playlist.

Legislative Committee Information

Below are the committees in the NC General Assembly that NCRGEA’s legislative efforts will focus on during this session. We encourage you to contact these committee chairs, as well as your local legislators, during each session to enlist their support for NCRGEA’s efforts on your behalf.

You can view a full list of Senate  or House  members or to find and contact the State Legislators in your area of the state. You may also click on the following links to view your House or Senate Representation by County:  House Senate then click on the county where you live for a list of the House or Senate legislators. Click to view and contact your representation in the US Congressional Delegation.


First Name

Last Name

Leg Tel (919)

Email Address

Member Bio / Info






Senator Harrington






Senator Hise






Senator Jackson


TitleFirst NameLast NameLeg Tel (919)Email AddressMember Bio / Info 
SenatorDeannaBallard733-5742Deanna.Ballard@ncleg.govSenator Ballard 
SenatorKathyHarrington733-5734Kathy.Harrington@ncleg.govSenator Harrington 
SenatorJoyceKrawiec733-7850Joyce.Krawiec@ncleg.govSenator Krawiec 
TitleFirst NameLast NameLeg Tel (919)Email Address  
SenatorTedAlexander715-0690Ted.Alexander@ncleg.govSenator Alexander 
SenatorSydneyBatch733-5653Sydney.Batch@ncleg.govSenator Batch 
SenatorErnestineBazemore715-3040Ernestine.Bazemore@ncleg.govSenator Bazemore 
SenatorJimBurgin733-5748Jim.Burgin@ncleg.govSenator Burgin 
SenatorJayChaudhuri715-6400Jay.Chaudhuri@ncleg.govSenator Chaudhuri 
SenatorCarlFord733-5665Carl.Ford@ncleg.govSenator Ford 
SenatorRalphHise733-3460Ralph.Hise@ncleg.govSenator Hise 
SenatorWileyNickel715-3036Wiley.Nickel@ncleg.govSenator Nickel 
SenatorJimPerry733-5621Jim.Perry@ncleg.govSenator Perry 
SenatorBillRabon733-5963Bill.Rabon@ncleg.govSenator Rabon 
SenatorBobSteinburg715-8293Bob.Steinburg@ncleg.govSenator Steinburg 
SenatorJoyceWaddell733-5650Joyce.Waddell@ncleg.govSenator Waddell
Senior Chairs
Title Name Office Phone Office Email Member Bio / Info
Representative Dean Arp 919-715-3007 Rep. Arp
Representative Donny Lambeth 919-733-5747 Rep. Lambeth
Representative Jason Saine 919-733-5782 Rep. Saine
Title Name Office Phone Office Email
Representative William D. Brisson 919-733-5772 Rep. Brisson
Representative Dana Bumgardner 919-733-5809 Rep. Bumgardner
Representative Jeffrey Elmore 919-733-5935 Rep. Elmore
Representative John Faircloth 919-733-5877 Rep. Faircloth
Representative Kyle Hall 919-733-5609 Rep. K. Hall
Representative Larry C. Strickland 919-733-5849 Rep. Strickland
Title  Name Office Phone Email Member Bio / Info
Representative Allen McNeill 919-715-4946 Rep. McNeill
Vice Chairs
Title Name Office Phone Email Member Bio / Info
Representative Rosa U. Gill 919-733-5880 Rep. Gill
Representative Carson Smith 919-715-9664 Rep. C. Smith
Title Name Office Phone Email Member Bio / Info
Representative Jeffrey Elmore 919-733-5935 Rep. Elmore
Representative Pat Hurley 919-733-5865 Rep. Hurley
Representative Donny Lambeth 919-733-5747 Rep. Lambeth
Representative Grier Martin 919-733-5773 Rep. Martin
Representative Amos Quick 919-733-5902 Rep. Quick
Representative James Roberson 919-733-5974 Rep. Roberson

As good citizens and NCRGEA members, it is essential to be knowledgeable and informed on the actions of elected officials related to public servants’ pensions and health plans. Being aware of the issues allows you to dialogue with your fellow NCRGEA members and engage in advocacy, which is empowering. It can also lead to greater success in ensuring the legislators in Raleigh who represent you value you as critical members of their constituency.”