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When is the Celebration of Public Service?

The event will take place Monday, June 6th through Friday, June 10th, 2022. Participants will have the opportunity to join as many sessions throughout the week as they would like. All sessions will also be recorded for viewing after the event and posted to both NCRGEA’s website and YouTube.

Where will the Celebration of Public Service take place?

Wherever you are! This is a fully VIRTUAL event, bringing in speakers and partners from across the state, and available to anyone with a computer, tablet, or smartphone to join.

Will NCRGEA host in-person district meetings this year?

No. The virtual Celebration of Public Service is meant to be a re-imagining of NCRGEA’s in-person meetings held in various parts of the state.This year, ALL NCRGEA members, as well as others, regardless of location, will be able to participate, without ever leaving their homes. Due to when we had to make decisions for this year’s meetings, and continued uncertainty around the impacts of COVID-19, we wanted to find an alternative way to reach out to members and share important information.

Is there a cost to participate in the Celebration of Public Service?

No. This is a completely free, virtual event. We just ask that you register in advance using this registration form.

What topics will be covered during the Celebration of Public Service Week?

Each day, we will focus on a different theme. These topics match the key priorities NCRGEA has developed in its latest strategic plan in order to better serve its membership. You can learn more about each day will cover here:

How long will each session last, and how many sessions will there be per day?

Each individual session will last between 15 and 60 minutes long, depending on content, format and number of presenters/speakers. Each day, several sessions will take place, totalling approximately half a day’s worth of content. You are welcome to stay on for the entire day, or hop on and off as you wish. 

Will NCRGEA host a virtual Conference every year going forward?

We are testing out this format this year, and will assess future plans based on member experience and feedback.

How do I register, and when is the registration deadline?

You can register anytime before the event using this registration form.  While registration will remain open up until and during the week of the event, only those who register by May 15, 2022 will be entered to win prizes (including grocery and gas gift cards) randomly selected each day of the event.

I’m not able or not interested in attending all sessions.

No problem! The event is designed for you to join sessions that you’re interested in and work for your schedule. You can attend all of the events in the week, or just one– the choice is completely yours! In addition, if there is a session you’re interested in, but have a scheduling conflict, all sessions will also be recorded for future viewing after the event and posted to both NCRGEA’s website and YouTube.

I don’t have a computer and/or internet access.

All sessions will be mobile-friendly so that anyone can join either by computer, tablet, or smartphone. While you will not be able to participate in all the interactive elements, you can even tune into the conference via YouTube using a smart TV! If you do not have a device, or don’t have reliable access to the internet, local libraries across the state are providing access to web-enabled computers free of charge. Find your local branch here:

I have a conflict and will not be able to attend a session I’m interested in. Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes! While you may miss out on interactive elements of some sessions, all sessions will be recorded for future viewing after the event and posted to both NCRGEA’s website and YouTube.

How will I join the sessions?

All sessions will be broadcast via YouTube and directly onto to the NCRGEA website. You will be able to join from any computer, tablet, or smart phone. In order to fully participate via the comment section, including asking presenters questions, you will need to ensure you have a YouTube or Google account. Learn more about how to set up your account and other Digital Communications themed sessions here and stay tuned for additional details in the coming weeks!

I have a friend, family member, former colleague who might be interested in a session. Can they join as well?

Yes! While the virtual conference is primarily geared to the needs of NCRGEA members, it is open to all! Whether a NC governmental employee who is not yet a NCRGEA member, a pre-retiree, or just a curious friend, they can register and attend just as you would. 

I like to hear updates on benefits available to me, or have specific questions about a plan.

There will be a series of opportunities to hear directly from various benefits providers and other vendors on Tuesday, June 7, many of which will include the opportunity to speak to representatives directly to ask questions. See the Service + Benefits page for more information.

I am not yet retired, but am interested in learning about preparing for retirement.

There will be a special session on Wednesday, June 8th just for current employees! This session “Sand, Waves, and Flip Flops: Prepare Early for Retirement” will be specifically geared towards North Carolina governmental employees who are (or will soon be) eligible for retirement. Come to this special session for pre-retirees to learn more about what you need to know and consider before you retire, what to expect, and the benefits of joining an organization like NCRGEA. Of course, you are also welcome to join other sessions throughout the week!

I work in Human Resources or support employees at a governmental employer within North Carolina. Can I join?

Yes! We will be hosting a special session on Wednesday, June 8th specifically geared towards HR professionals of NC state and local governmental employers and others interested in how to best support their employees as they consider and prepare for retirement. These special sessions will share resources and ideas to help support your employees through this important transition period and answer frequently asked questions.There will also be a separate session specifically for current employees, which you may want to encourage your employees to join as well. See the Pre-Retiree Day page for more information about both sessions. 

Will I have a chance to interact with session speakers and other participants? Will I have the opportunity to ask questions?

Each session will be formatted slightly differently, with some being more interactive than others. However, whenever possible, we have designed the sessions to give participants a chance to interact directly with speakers and other participants.

I’ve heard that NCRGEA will be giving away special prizes throughout the week. How can I be entered to win?

There are three ways that you can be entered to win prizes (including grocery, gas, and retailer gift cards)  throughout the week:

  1. Register by May 15 (registration form) and attend for any portion of the programming in a given day. Each afternoon, NCRGEA will randomly select winners among those who have both registered and attended a session that day.
  2. Refer at least three non-NCRGEA members (friends, family members, neighbors, former colleagues, etc.) who register for the event using your name. Winners will be randomly selected at the end of the week to receive special recognition and prizes.
  3. Get your fellow retiree friends or neighbors together for an ‘in-home watch party’ to participate in the conference together. Send us a picture of your gathering to be entered to win special prizes! 

Winners will be notified via email. 

I cannot or do not want to create a YouTube account. Can I still attend the conference?

Yes! While we recommend that you create an account in order to get the most out of the experience and participate via the comment section (see here for a short tutorial on how), it is not required. You will still be able to watch all of the sessions on YouTube or directly from NCRGEA’s website, with or without an account.