COVID-19 Alerts

OFFICIAL North Carolina DHHS COVID-19 Source

Please Note, this is the “official” source for North Carolina’s Cornoavirus Response.  It’s plans, actions, and preparations is this site. Bookmark it, Save it.

Official NC COVID-19 Notification

Please note, the “official” source for North Carolina’s CoronaVirus Response, it’s plans and actions and preparations, is the following site: Bookmark it, Save it.

State Health Plan’s Coronavirus Update

Click here for the latest update from the State Health Plan of North Carolina 


There have been many reports of malicious actors using the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation as a mechanism to target people with malware and scams. Most notable, there are a large number of Coronavirus infection maps displaying accurate information but in reality being used as a mechanism to deliver malware to an unsuspecting user’s PC.Please be very cautious of any email messages or social media posts that claim to link to information about Coronavirus. Be especially cautious of any site that prompts you to download something to properly display the information. You should not be required to install anything to view information or maps regarding the spread of the infection or actions you can take to protect yourself.Please make sure you know and trust the site where you are seeking information. If the link is not familiar or does not take you to an organization that you know is reputable, do not proceed. Two organizations hosting sites that are safe and have current information about the Coronavirus are Johns Hopkins and the CDC.