District Community Connections

By Deryl Davis Fulmer, PhD, Community Liaison

Fellow Retirees,

The NCRGEA experienced a great Celebration of Public Service during June 6-10, 2022. Several of our members participated and provided their views on the joys of retirement during a panel discussion entitled: Relaxed and Ready to Roll: Reimagining Retirement. They were excellent and helped the audience to know that retirement is (and can be) all you want it to be! The discussion was led by Sharbara Ellis, District 6, and the chat was monitored by Dorothy Davis, also of District 6. Panelists were Dr. Earl Moore (District 7), Dr. Gary Ackley (District 8), Dr. Doris Carver (District 4), Horace Robertson (District 8), Brenda G. Moore (District 5) and Cynthia Williamson (District 6 and the brain- child of this session). Members also sent in pictures and stories about their active and engaged lives that we featured via Facebook. A video was created showcasing members in recognition of their contributions to public service and their continued activities in their respective communities. It is obvious that our members are active and engaged. It is obvious that our members enriched the lives of North Carolinians during their careers. And, it is obvious that State and Local Governmental Retirees continue to serve communities across the State! Let’s stay active and engaged, and remember Retirement Reimagined, Relaxed and Ready to Roll!

Thank you, Panelists and Board members who participated. A special thanks is extended to Rosalie Calarco of AARP Coastal Region for sponsoring the Bingo game and the Humana Neighborhood Centers for sponsoring the exercise session. Three Board members, Suzanne Merrill (District 8), Karl Sanders (District 5) and Cecil Wood
(District 2) shared information on the NCRGEA’s local engagement initiative and how members can get involved. In the afternoon, Board members from across NC held “Nice to Meet You” sessions to help members know who they are and their goals to realize the expansion of local engagement and to grow membership. Thank you Vann Langston, Karl Sanders, Jerry Pinkard, Martha Sue Hall, Suzanne Merrill, Bob Shepherd, Libby McAteer, Cecil Wood, Ben Neal, Bobby Burleson and Frank Lewis!

If you missed the activities during that week, please go to NCRGEA YouTube where it is posted for your convenience. We hope that you will visit often!

Get to Know the NCRGEA Trivia Game

The July Trivia game is available on our website under the “News” tab. Our May $50 gift card winner is Sheilia Fox, from Granite Falls, NC, Caldwell County (District 2). Sheilia retired in 2006 from the Department of Social Services and is a local government retiree. She continues to be active and engaged and holds a part-time job in her community. Please find out more about Sheilia on Facebook.

Trivia answers for May 2022:

Questions: NCRGEA is hosting a Celebration of Public Service Week schedule from June 6-11, 2022. What is the purpose? Name 5 events occurring during the week. Answers: To honor public servants of North Carolina and their service. Advocacy, Digital Communications, Service, Local Engagement and Public Service Perception

And finally, remember that our collective voices and our growth are important! Please contact me at deryl@ncrgea.com to see where you can become active and engaged!