Eligibility & Dues


You are eligible for NCRGEA membership if you are:

  1. A retiree of a retirement system administered by the NC Department of State Treasurer; or
  2. An active employee participating in the Retirement Systems administered by the NC Department of State Treasurer and have reached the minimum retirement requirements set forth to be eligible for a monthly retirement benefit, either service or disability; or
  3. You are the spouse of a current member; or
  4. You are a spouse receiving a monthly survivorship benefit from the NC Department of State Treasurer.

Annual dues are based on your combined monthly Social Security and North Carolina retirement income and are shown on the membership application below – click on Print and Mail.

Payroll deduction of your dues is available for retirees. The payroll deduction option is not available to active employees, Associate Members, or retirees of DIP-NC. If you are interested in joining the Association, you may Join Online or Print and Mail your application!

Associate Membership

As the spouse of an active, dues-paying NCRGEA member, you are eligible to become an Associate Member of NCRGEA, even if you are not a local or state government retiree.  As an Associate Member, you will be entitled to all benefits that retirees members receive.  Dues for an Associate Member are $40 per year.

To join as an Associate Member, click here to download and print the enrollment form and mail to NCRGEA, 528 Wade Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27605.

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