Low-Cost Tax Preparation at SECU

Low-Cost Tax Preparation at SECU

SECU tax preparers are available at all branch locations to prepare tax returns for eligible members.  To be eligible for SECU’s Low-Cost Tax Preparation Program, you must:

  • Be a Credit Union member,
  • Have tax reporting items within the scope of our Program (go to ncsecu.org for more information),
  • Have been a full-year resident of North Carolina or one of its bordering states (Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, or South Carolina) during the tax year, and
  • Have only had income from North Carolina or one of its bordering states during the tax year.

The fee for the Program is $95, which includes the preparation of federal and state returns. Generally, the fee is due once you receive a copy of your completed returns; however, eligible members may opt to utilize SECU’s “Fee From Refund” service, which automatically debits the fee from a Credit Union account once the federal refund is received.  The Fee From Refund option is available to participating members who expect to receive a federal refund of at least $95, opt to electronically file their tax returns, and choose to have their federal tax refund directly deposited into their Credit Union checking, share, money market, or CashPoints Global (CPG) account.  Best of all, the Fee From Refund service is available at no additional charge!

If you plan to take advantage of SECU’s Low-Cost Tax Preparation Program, you will need our “Getting Started Kit.”  This packet of documents must be completed by members wishing to participate in the Program, even if we have prepared your return in the past.  To expedite the return preparation process, we encourage you to complete the kit prior to bringing your tax information to the branch.  Kits are available online or for pickup at any SECU branch.  To learn more about the eligibility requirements or to view and print the Getting Started Kit online, please visit our website at https://www.ncsecu.org/TaxServices/LowCostTaxProgram.  You can also contact your local branch via phone if you have questions

Article provided by: State Employees’ Credit Union