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NC State Health Plan Announces Network for 2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 8, 2019 Contact: (919) 814-3820 NC State Health Plan Announces Network for 2020 Network Will Include Major Hospitals Providing Full State Coverage Without Interruption     (Raleigh, N.C.) – State Treasurer...

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Lake Case Update – Clarification – July 18, 2019

This is a clarification of the Lake Case Update published in our July-August issue of Living Power. Status of Lake Case The Plaintiffs in the Lake case have petitioned the North Carolina Supreme Court to review the decision of the Court of Appeals which held that the...

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Updated 2019 Legislators Contact Information (March 26, 2019)

Our March-April issue of our Living Power newsletter listed contact information for members of the 2019 General Assembly alphabetized by county.  Unfortunately, some legislators and counties were not listed.  Our apologies for this oversight. Click on the links below...

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State Health Plan to hold Pre-65/Pre-Retirement Meetings

The State Health Plan is getting ready to start its Pre-65/Pre-Retirement meetings for 2019.  The first meeting will be held on March 25, 2019 in Elizabeth City with meetings being held through June.  These sessions are targeting SHP retirees who will be turning 65...

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SECU Shred Days

Shredding is a safe and secure way of preventing valuable information from getting in the wrong hands. Here are the SECU Shred Days scheduled for members this year.  Shredding events are scheduled to run for three hours.  However, events may end sooner if the shred...

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Recovering Lost Document and Records

Recovering Lost Documents Events such as the flooding caused by Hurricane Florence commonly result in the loss of important personal documents. North Carolinians can use the following resources to replace lost or damaged documents and records. N.C. Birth and Death...

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NCRGEA Receives Jim Long Outstanding SHIIP Service Award

North Carolina Retired Governmental Employees Association (NCRGEA) has been a valuable partner with SHIIP in their efforts to bring SHIIP services across the state.  Their support and endorsement of SHIIP continues to improve health insurance education for citizens in...

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Over-the-counter Hearing Devices. A solution?

Over-the-counter Hearing Devices.   A solution? Independence is a great thing - we love being able to snap our fingers and have the solution to our problem.  Unfortunately, when it comes to our health - we should take a less direct approach. Our hearing deserves the...

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