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NCBAM Helps Older Adults Locate Vaccine Providers

NCBAM Helps Older Adults Locate Vaccine Providers Information and Referral Specialists at North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry’s (NCBAM) Call Center are available to help older adults 65+ locate COVID-19 vaccination providers, transportation assistance, and other...

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Low-Cost Tax Preparation at SECU

Low-Cost Tax Preparation at SECU SECU tax preparers are available at all branch locations to prepare tax returns for eligible members.  To be eligible for SECU’s Low-Cost Tax Preparation Program, you must: Be a Credit Union member, Have tax reporting items within the...

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2021 Retirement Planning Check List

If you are definitely planning to retire this year, make sure you check off as many things on this list as you can:  It might be advantageous to put off any 2021...

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Thinking about Downsizing???

Many retirees downsize to a smaller home or residence at some point. If you are considering doing so, here's what to do before making the move....

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Medicare Costs at a Glance

Medicare costs at a glance Listed below are basic costs for people with Medicare. If you want to see and compare costs for specific health care plans, visit the Medicare Plan Finder. For specific cost information (like whether you've met your Deductible, how much...

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CALL TO ACTION: The House of Representatives is working on the 2021 budget. As it stands now, the Senate’s first version lacks needed cost-of-living money for retirees. Retirees deserve better!