Sandy and Ellie’s Excellent Adventure:

Spring Edition 2024 | Living Power Magazine

AMBA adventure story

Who doesn’t love a heartwarming, inspiring story? Our friends at AMBA share the tale of Sandy Hazelip and Ellie Hambry. These two friends wanted to do something special to celebrate their 80th birthdays. When Sandy proposed a unique adventure for their milestones, Ellie was immediately thrilled with the idea: to travel the world in 80 days for their 80th birthday.

Starting Their Journey

The two met in Zambia 23 years ago while on a medical mission. They have been sharing journeys and adventures ever since. This special one commenced on January 11, 2023. First stop: Antarctica.

In a mere 80 days, their itinerary allowed the two to experience the northern lights of Lapland at the North Pole, a sleigh ride pulled by huskies in Finland, a hot air balloon ride in Egypt, camel rides in the deserts of Africa, the awesome ancient structures of Rome, a two-day ship ride across the treacherous Drake Passage where 20-foot waves rocked their boat, and a search for wallabies in Australia.

The two documented their journey on their social media platforms and quickly gained thousands of affectionate and amazed followers. Many—including a fan in Rwanda and another in Colorado—invited them to visit them and stay at their homes. As the Rwandan wrote, “You 2 are amazing!”

Sandy laughs when recalling her family’s reaction to their social media popularity. Her grandchildren would comment on her social media updates, “There’s my grandmother having fun!”

“We’re not wanting our comfort zone. We want an adventure,” Ellie explained. “We were together 24/7 for 80 days and it’s made us even closer than we were.”

The two enjoyed their travels so much that they’re even planning another. Sandy revealed, “We are planning another trip! We’ve got some ideas about where we’re going and what we’re going to do, so you just need to stay tuned for the next adventure because it’s going to happen!”

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