State Health Plan of North Carolina Announces Open Enrollment

2021 Open Enrollment is October 15-31, 2020

As many of you may have already heard, the State Health Plan will not be conducting its typical on-site Open Enrollment events across the state for our Medicare primary members.  In an effort to keep everyone, our members as well as the SHP staff, healthy and safe it will be moving to hosting events virtually.  The open enrollment mailer will be dropped in the mail on August 21 and will be sent to approximately 178,000 Medicare-eligible Plan members. This mailer explains and invites members to our virtual outreach events this year.  It may be the first time most will hear about our transition to Humana for the 2021 benefit year for our Medicare Advantage Plans.

The State Health Plan will be hosting 29 webinars along with 5 Telephone Town Hall events (similar to a radio talk show) during the months of September and October.  Click on the link below for a list all of our Medicare Primary events with instructions on how to register for the events.

Medicare Primary Events Hosted by the State Health Plan
2021 State Health Plan Open Enrollment Brochure

If state retirees are not able to register themselves, call the RSVP Hotline at 866-720-0114, which is a number being managed by the State Health Plan.

Also, please note 2021 Open Enrollment information is now available on the State Health Plan’s website


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