To expand policy agenda and influence through a compelling vision, leadership, and the intentional engagement of key stakeholders.


Overall Objective

At least 10% annual growth in the percent of members who believe NCRGEA is influential in showing the worth of and protecting/expanding benefits for NC government retirees.

One of the core values which NCRGEA provides its members throughout the state is being an advocate and voice for the retired government workers of North Carolina. Its representatives lobby the legislature and other policy makers on issues like healthcare, pension sustainability, and cost of living adjustments for retirees.

However, in more recent years, achieving progress toward our legislative goals has become more complex due to the changing political tides and conflicts that make them increasingly more difficult to accomplish.
NCRGEA seeks to expand its policy influence, not only by continuing to work towards securing COLAs, but by demonstrating to its members how it continues to fight for and secure a better quality of life for retirees in NC.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Mobilize Membership in Local Lobbying to
Develop Political Influence

  • 100 NCRGEA members attend advocacy training webinar in the first year
  • 50% of members attending training webinar report through feedback mechanism that they contacted their representative

Use Flexible Partnerships to Amplify Influence

  • 3-5 collaborative initiatives formed with partners

Develop NCRGEA’s Internal Research and Information Capacity

  • Consult with national expertise engaged by Fall 2021 each year (beginning Summer 2022)
  • Visible alternatives developed and shared externally to enhance long-term visibility of pension system and maintenance of pension value by Summer 2022
Build Influence with Members of Legislature, Relevant State Agencies, and Executive Branch
Through Direct Education and Lobbying
  • Meet with 25 legislators in their district annually
  • Communicate priorities to leadership, with personal meetings within first two months of long session, and with first month of short session