Superior Vision Insurance

Many retirees have more substantial vision care needs and are looking for a vision insurance plan.  If this applies to you, Superior Vision Insurance has developed a wonderful insurance plan for NCRGEA members that will give you coverage for eye exams, glasses, contact lenses, and much more.  Read below for an Outline of Benefits and other information about the optional Superior Vision Insurance Plan.  If you opt for the vision insurance plan, you will still be able to utilize the discount card for any extra purchases incurred after you use the full benefit coverage.

How to Use the Plan

Welcome to the Superior Vision insurance plan.  Superior Vision Insurance provides primary vision care benefits including eye examinations, prescription eye wear, and contact lenses through a broad-based provider network of both ophthalmologists and optometrists.  The plan also contracts with a large number of national and regional optometric chain locations.

Your first step should be to choose an eye care provider, or ensure that your current provider is part of the Superior Vision Insurance network.  Go to and click on “Locate a Provider” for an updated list.  You may also call Customer Service for this information at (800) 507-3800. You will learn about “in-network” and “out-of-network” providers – an important distinction when receiving your benefits.  You will also learn more about how to use your benefits, as well as the discounts that are available to you.

Remember that a routine eye exam is important not only for correcting vision problems, but for maintaining healthy eyes and overall wellness.  Superior Vision Insurance eye care providers will be looking for signs that may indicate other health issues – not just vision problems.  Take the time to get to know your vision plan, and start experiencing healthy eyes and healthy living.

Monthly Rates
Retiree Only:          $   6.99
Retiree & Family:   $ 15.88

Outline of Benefits

$20 Comprehensive Eye Exam
$15 Materials (not applicable to contact lenses)
$20 Contact Lens Fitting Exam

*In-network co-pays are paid directly to the provider.
*Out-of-network co-pays will be deducted from the out-of-network reimbursement.

*All in-network and out-of-network allowances are at the retail value. **Contact lenses are in lieu of eyeglass lenses and frames benefit. ***The insured is responsible for paying any charges in excess of this retail allowance. Materials co-pay applies to lenses and/or frames. ****Standard contact lens fitting applies to an existing contact lens user who wears disposable, daily wear, or extended wear lenses only. The specialty contact lens fitting applies to new contact lens wearers and/or a member who wears toric, gas permeable, or multifocal lenses. For the specialty fitting, the member is responsible for any charges over $50.

Discount Features
Discounts vary by provider but are the best possible discounts available to our members. Visit Superior Vision Insurance’s website or call Customer Service (800)507-3800 to get provider specifics.

Frames: 20% discount off the difference between your chosen retail frame and the retail frame allowance.

Lens options & upgrades: 20% discount off retail rate. Some options on certain lenses are discounted to a specific amount; this list does NOT include high-end, name brand, or nonstandard options.

Fixed price standard options on standard lens types include Factory Scratch coat ($13), UV coat ($15), Anti-Reflective ($50), glass coloring ($35), and solid and gradient tints ($25). On standard single vision lenses, fixed price standard options include High Index 1.6 ($55), Polycarbonate ($40), and Photochromic ($80).

Materials Discounts on Additional Purchases (off retail prices)

Prescription eyeglass lenses 30% off retail prices
Eyeglass frames 30% off retail prices
Lens options & upgrades 20% off retail prices
Contact lenses (hard of soft) 20% off retail prices
Disposable contacts 10% off retail prices

Discounts are subject to change without notice. Discounts do not apply when prohibited by the manufacturer.

Items or Services Not Covered
While Superior Vision Insurance offers a variety of vision benefits, there are a few items or services that are generally not covered, or have limitations to their coverage. We do offer discounts on many of these items, as outlined in our discount plan coverage information.

The following are Items or Services Not Covered or Limited Coverage*

  • Non-prescription (plano) lenses, sunglasses, or contact lenses
  • Any coating applied to lenses such as anti-reflective, scratch, UV, lamination, tints (except pink tint #1 and #2), and sunglass coloring
  • Any lens materials other than standard plastic or glass such as polycarbonate, hi-index, polaroid, and photochromic
  • Any special lens feature or treatment such as prisms, slab off, faceted, oversize lens greater than 61mm, polished bevel, groove, drill mount,
    notch, roll and polish, and blended bifocal
  • Premium progressive lenses (members receive an allowance based on the provider’s charges for standard progressive lenses.)
  • Replacement of broken, lost, or damaged frames and/or lenses
  • Orthoptics, vision training, and developmental vision procedures
  • Experimental or non-conventional treatment or device
  • Medical or surgical treatment of the eyes
  • Post-cataract lenses (intra-ocular)
  • Subnormal or low vision aids
  • Safety eyewear
  • Eye examination or corrective eyewear required by an employer as a condition of employment
  • Services or materials when covered under workers’ compensation or similar third party coverage
  • Services or materials rendered by a provider other than an ophthalmologist, optometrist, or optician acting within the scope of his or her license
  • Any additional services or procedures outside of a routine eye exam and contact lens fitting
  • Services or materials rendered after the date a member ceases to be covered by the benefits plan except when vision materials ordered before
    coverage ended are delivered AND the corresponding services are provided to the member within 31 days of the initial order

Regardless of optical necessity, benefits are not available more frequently than that which is specified in the Outline of Benefits.

* Plans vary, so refer to your own specific coverage.

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