We recognize that the transformation for this vision will not happen overnight. The vision will take course over a period of 3 years, from July 2021 – July 2024.

Year 1: July 2021 – July 2022

Focus: Branding, Reimagined Infrastructure,

and New Coalition Building

  • Launch new website, digital communication strategies, and improved database system
  • Promote the brand to meet the moment and strengthen public image
  • Strengthen membership engagement infrastructures (local engagement groups, advocacy training)
  • Build the change and innovation culture at NCRGEA.


Year 2: July 2022 – July 2023

Focus: Training and Leadership Opportunities to Increase Engagement

  • Highly relevant and targeted information (including internal policy expertise) sent out to membership
  • Targeted digital outreach to HR departments across the state and pre-retirees
  • Member-to-member recruitment drive


Year 3: July 2023 – July 2024

Focus: Elevate our Influence and Impact on

North Carolina and Humanity

  • Increase local engagement opportunities
  • Mobilize Membership in local lobbying and advocacy
  • Ongoing member recruitment


July 2024:

NCRGEA has captured 30% of available market and has become the “Go-to” Resource Center for government retirees in North Carolina.