Bruce Springsteen Falls on Stage, Band and Crew Rush to Help

One of his biggest hits is “Tougher Than the Rest”, and Bruce Springsteen proved his resilience on stage on May 25, 2023.

During a concert with The E Street Band at the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam, the 73-old rocker took a tumble while climbing a flight of stairs as the band launched into the hit song “Ghosts.” Bruce Springsteen falls to the stage. The singer and his guitar crashed to the ground, and he lay prone on the stage for several seconds as band members and the audience gasped in shock.

The Boss Laughs Off His Fall

Fortunately, crew members helped the singer back to his feet. He smiled to the audience with a mix of relief and embarrassment, shouted, “Good night, everybody!” and the concert joyously resumed.

The accident turned out to be no big deal, but it’s one more example of how a fall can happen to anyone at any time. Falling is a common cause of injury among older Americans, resulting in over 8 million trips to the emergency room for nonfatal injuries.

Of course, a fall can take place at home, while away, or – in Springsteen’s case – while entertaining a stadium full of adoring fans. There are many ways to make your home safer or to take steps to be ready in case of an emergency while on vacation.

In the event of a fall or an injury, an emergency room visit might be necessary. Even if there’s no external injury, you want to be sure there’s no internal bleeding or trauma, especially if you’ve hit your head.

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