Membership & Benefits

Join NCRGEA, a partner with a community of 65,000 North Carolina local and state government retirees across the country, to gain access to key benefits, advocacy, and resources.  Supporting you and future retirees as we continue to work for a better world.

Benefits of Membership

NCRGEA members get exclusive access to benefits, discounts, programs, and services designed to improve the lives of retirees.

District Connections

Get connected with other NCRGEA retirees in your area through Community Advisory Boards, District Meetings, and other activities.

Governmental Advocacy

Lobbyists, partners, and advocates working on legislative agendas to improve the lives of retirees in locally, in Raleigh, and beyond.

Group Insurance Benefits

Strong, best-in-class, voluntary member benefits, for those retirees and their spouses including Medicare Supplement, Dental plan, Vision plan, Hearing Care, Legal/ID Plans, AD&D.

Retail & Travel Benefits

Optional member benefits including discount program through Office Depot, Access Perks, and travel planning with cruises, romantic honeymoon packages, safaris, exotic island getaways, and tours.

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Membership Dues Structure

If your total monthly social security and retirement income is:


($15/year or $1.25/month)


($25/year or $2.09/month)


($40/year or $3.34/month)

Need Help or Have Questions?

Contact our staff for assistance toll free at (800) 356-1190 or locally at (919) 834-4652 between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm (eastern time) Monday – Friday. You may also email us at

Join Us or Renew your NCRGEA Membership

You are eligible for NCRGEA membership if you are:

  1. A local or state government retiree of a retirement system administered by the NC Department of State Treasurer; or
  2. An active local or state government employee participating in the Retirement Systems administered by the NC Department of State Treasurer and have reached the minimum retirement requirements set forth to be eligible for a monthly retirement benefit, either service or disability; or
  3. You are the spouse of a current member; or
  4. You are a spouse receiving a monthly survivorship benefit from the NC Department of State Treasurer.

Payroll deduction of your dues is available for retirees. The payroll deduction option is not available to:

  • Active employees
  • Associate Members
  • ORP retirees
  • Retirees of DIP-NC

Ready to join or renew your membership?  You can register online or by mail:

Option 1: Print & Mail Form

Simply click here to download the .pdf form.  Then print, fill out and mail to us at:
528 Wade Ave.
Raleigh, NC 27605

Option 2: Online Registration Form

Fill out my online form.