Dental and Vision Updates

Hello NCRGEA members and affiliates, Josephine Lanier Insurance Director here with some Dental and Vision reminders. First, I would like to thank you for being a member of our wonderful association and allowing me to service you with your dental and vision needs. I understand due to the Covid outbreak many of us who were enrolled in the Standard Dental Plan and Superior Vision plan did not use our coverage. With activities opening up again and Dentist and Eye providers scheduling more appointments, I hope you will use your dental and vision coverage and make an appointment.

Josephine D. Lanier
NCRGEA Director of Insurance Services

A few things to remember with your dental and vision coverage:

  • Please verify that you have a Standard Dental card. In 2020, we changed Dental providers from Metlife to the Standard Insurance Co. which uses the Ameritas network of providers. Remember, you may see any dentist you choose; however, you will see the biggest savings if you utilize a dentist in the Ameritas network. These dentists have agreed to charge a lower cost on most procedures.
  • If you do not have a Dental card, need to check your enrollment/account status or if you need help locating a provider in network in your area, you may call the Standard customer service number at 1-800-547-9515.
  • You may also contact Superior Vision customer service at 800-507-3800, for a replacement card and coverage information. In addition, you can ask for assistance in locating an eye provider in your area or you may just ask your provider if they are in the Superior Vision network when you call to make your appointment.

Please go to our website and look under dental and vision benefits for details of the plans. If you do not have web access, call our office, and we will be more than happy to mail out the plan information. The numbers are (919) 834-4652 or (800) 356-1190. Dental and vision insurance is a great thing to have in case of emergencies. However, we mustn’t forget the importance of our eye and dental health. Stay healthy and be happy!