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May 08, 2022

Fellow Retirees,

Deryl Davis Fulmer, PhD/Community Liason

The NCRGEA has planned a great celebration during the week of June 6-10. We continue to be active toward growth and want to see you at this virtual week-long event replacing our usual district meetings. Bring your friends and join us for exciting sessions throughout each day.

Get to Know the NCRGEA Trivia Game

The May Trivia game is available at this link and on our website under the “news” tab. Our March $50 gift card winner is Annie Doris Garner, from Garysburg, NC, Northampton County (District 5). Please find out more about Doris on page 13 of the newsletter and on Facebook.

Trivia answers for March 2022:

Questions: How many registered lobbyists does the NCRGEA contract? What do they do when the General Assembly is in session?

Answers: The NCRGEA has a team of 4 registered lobbyists. They attend House/Senate committees, track bills relevant to NCRGEA, and meet with legislators/staff to promote NCRGEA’s agenda. They cultivate relationships with legislators, legislative staff, the Office of the State Treasurer and other government agencies. They speak to support/oppose legislation of positive/negative consequence for NCRGEA members.

Celebration of Public Service Week- Local Engagement Day Thursday June 9th

During the conference, on Thursday, June 9th, we are focusing on “local engagement.” You will be able to hear about the joys of retirement from a panel of your peers and learn more about the Community Advisory Boards (CABs), followed by a chance to meet fellow retirees in your respective districts. Besides the NCRGEA prizes offered, AARP North Carolina is sponsoring the Bingo games/prizes and exercise sessions will be offered daily!

On Monday, June 6, we will give our first annual Public Service Award. Please be sure to nominate members
you know who are doing great service to our communities. You can nominate yourself as well. Additional information is in this newsletter and on the website at: www.ncrgea.com/celebration/

Services Available

Please be sure to visit your local Humana Neighborhood Centers or visit them online at www.humananeighborhoodcenter.com. Meals on Wheels (MOW) needs volunteers. Contact your local MOWs
or visit: www.mowanc.org. And, if needed, contact Transitions LifeCare, which provides comfort and support for people of all ages experiencing life-changing illnesses. There are similar services across the state in your local areas

And finally, in honor of Older Americans Month (May), we recognize our entire NCRGEA membership and your contributions in making NC a great place to live, work and enjoy retirement! This year’s theme is “Age My Way, an opportunity for all of us to explore the many ways older adults can remain in and be involved with their communities.”


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