Healing Begins with the Food We Eat

by Humana, Living Power Nov/Dec 2023

After spending time in the hospital, eating balanced, nutritious meals may make a difference in your recovery and your overall health. The Humana Well Dine® program provides 28 meals after an inpatient stay in a hospital or nursing facility. That’s why Humana has teamed up with Mom’s Meals® to deliver nutritious, tasty meals right to your home when you need them most—at no additional cost to you.

Mom’s Meals, a leading provider of home delivered meals nationwide, offers a variety of nutritional and condition-specific meals delivered to the homes of Humana’s eligible members as part of their Medicare Advantage Individual, Group, and Medicare Supplement plans throughout North Carolina. Humana is providing the meals to eligible members as part of their benefit plan and at no additional cost.

Studies consistently show that medically tailored meals support patient recovery after hospitalization and reduce instances of readmission, as well as help patients manage chronic conditions, avoid hospitalizations, and preserve health and independence. Programs implemented through Mom’s Meals have seen up to 80% reduction in inpatient stays 30 days after discharge, and over a 40% reduction in visits to the Emergency Department 30 days post-discharge.

Humana eligible members can receive 28 fully prepared meals made with high-quality ingredients, packed in coolers with gel bags and delivered directly to their home. The menus are designed by dietitians, offering something for everyone, including diabetic-friendly, gluten-free, heart friendly options, as many others. The tasty meals that are ready to heat and eat and last for 14 days in the refrigerator.

“We know nutritious food has a strong impact on overall health,” said Mike Anderson, the president of Mom’s Meals. “We look forward to helping Humana’s members recover after a hospital stay, avoid readmission, and manage chronic conditions – all in the comfort of their own homes.”

To find out more about your Humana Well Dine meal benefit, call the number on the back of your
Humana member ID card.