Our New Dental Plan Gives Our Members a Lot to Smile About

Enjoying good times is what retirement is all about. NCRGEA knows your golden years should be all about showing off those pearly whites. That’s why we’ve worked hard with our partner AMBA to provide new features on our acclaimed Dental Plans for NCGREA members like you and your family.

That’s right, our great Dental Plans just got even better! For starters, whether you choose the Choice or Freedom Plan, you access comprehensive benefits at our group rates. Plus, you can enroll in either of these plans at any time. There is NO limited open enrollment period. And not only that, but these plans feature NO WAITING PERIOD on covered services. You can get access right away!

Best of all, you can enroll anytime on this plan. There is NO limited open enrollment period.

Benefits Provided By AMBA

We made sure our improved Dental Plans were designed around you and your unique needs and wants. For instance, not only do our plans provide coverage for services like implants and dentures, but they also feature access to rollover unused maximum dollars.

Note: there is NO change in NCRGEA’s Vision Plan: same rates, same plan, same network!

Compare Our Plans

Both of our plans let you see any dentist you want, with bigger savings with In-Network providers. You can keep your dentist or save up to 50% with one of our 550,000 practitioners nationwide (and 15,000 in North Carolina!)!

Plus, our Dental Plans give you freedom to choose! Select the plan that’s right for you: The Choice Plan provides coverage on basic services with an increased annual maximum of $1200 while the premium Freedom Plan gives you more coverage with an annual maximum of $2,000. Both plans offer increased co-insurance over time so long as you see your dentist at least once a year for a covered service.

Along with twice annual dental cleanings and checkups, our covered services include fillings, scaling, root canals, periodontal surgery, bridges, dentures, crowns, and exclusively for Freedom Plan enrollees, implants. Please see the policy for full information regarding covered services.

How much do the Dental Plans cost?

Reward Yourself with Dental Rewards

And with Dental Rewards, Dental Plan participants can carryover unused dollars into the next year. Accumulated rewards up to the maximum carryover can be used for covered dental procedures. See the below chart for how Max builder works.

Remember, if you’re currently enrolled in one of our Dental Plans and do not wish to make any changes, NO ACTION IS REQUIRED. You can relax, knowing you can keep enjoying your benefits.

Ready to enroll? You can enroll securely online by going to ambadentalvision.com/ncrgea or you can call us at 833-605-0727 and an AMBA benefits representative will assist you over the phone.

Note: there is NO change in NCRGEA’s Vision Plan: same rates, same plan, same network!

New to our Dental & Vision Plans? Here’s how to enroll:


You can enroll securely online by going to ambadentalvision.com/ncrgea.


Call 833.605.0727 & an AMBA benefits representative will assist you in enrolling over the phone

New members & new retirees who retired in the past year will receive an enrollment packet by mail. NCRGEA members with the current Dental and/or Vision coverage will receive a letter & change forms. Remember, NO ACTION IS REQUIRED if you are currently enrolled in these plans & do not wish to make any changes.

At NCRGEA, we are always looking for ways to provide members even more value. Watch for new enhancements that will be added to your dental plan in January!