Overwhelmed With Insurance Options?

Let NCRGEA clarify which is the best Dental Plan for you.

Choosing a dental or vision plan can be frustrating. You almost have to learn a different language to decipher all the terms used. North Carolina retirees have choices when it comes to dental and vision insurance. When you were employed, you were provided plans, but in retirement, you have the opportunity to select the best plan for your needs. NCRGEA endorses dental and vision plans with different levels of coverage. This guide will help you compare plans, so you can make the best choice for you and your family.

Best of all, you can enroll anytime on this plan. There is NO limited open enrollment period.

Benefits Provided By AMBA

The NCRGEA Dental Plan offers:

• Preventive services like cleanings, X-rays and exams (Type 1) are 100% covered!
• Covers exams, cleanings, fillings, crowns and more. The Platinum Plan even includes implants.
• Ability to visit any dentist.
• In-Network providers have agreed to charge you 20%-50% less than their regular rates.
• Access to one of the largest dental networks in the nation, with over 550,000 access points in the United States and over 15,000 just in North Carolina!

Use the short worksheet below to see how your current plan stacks up against the NCRGEA Dental plans.

Service Explanations:

  1. Type 1 Services include oral exams and cleanings, Topical Fluoride Application, Bitewing X-Rays, and Full Mouth X-Rays. This is a partial list of Type 1 covered services. Please see the policy for additional services covered.
  2. Type 2 Services include amalgam and resin fillings, periodontal services. This is a partial list of Type 2 covered services. Please see the policy for additional services covered.
  3. Type 3 Services include bridges and dentures (replaced every 5 years), tissue conditioning, denture relining, rebasing, and adjusting, and crowns (1 per tooth every 5 years.) This is a partial list of Type 3 covered services. Please see the policy for additional services covered. NOTE: Implants are covered under the PLATINUM PLAN ONLY.

How much do the Dental Plans cost?

1 An associate is a dues-paying spouse of an active NCRGEA member. 2 Children may be covered until their 26th birthday unless disabled. 3 Children may be covered until their 26th birthday unless disabled. Rates valid through 12/31/23.

Eye Care you can count on!

Routine eye exams are not just for correcting eyesight but also the first line of defense for detecting a variety of eye diseases that could potentially rob you of your vision if left untreated.

The NCRGEA Vision Plan offers:

  • One of the broadest and most diverse networks nationwide, with thousands of eye care professionals.
  • Superior offers the nation’s largest network of independent doctors. Choose your provider from over 92,000 access points and more than 5,000 retail locations.
  • Reduced co-pays for exams and materials.
  • $130 allowance towards frames (every 24 months), or $120 towards the purchase of contact lenses (every 12 months).
  • Discounts on popular lens options such as anti-reflective coating, progressive lenses, polycarbonate lenses, photochromics (i.e. Transitions), and more.
  • 10% – 50% discount on LASIK surgery.

Remember, Your Membership Includes:

  • FREE hearing tests and discounts
  • $10,000 AD&D policy
  • Identity Theft Protection Discounts
  • AMBA Discounts: Savings on Travel, Shopping, Dining, and more!

Plus, access to exclusive insurance plans endorsed by NCRGEA:

  • Accident Insurance
  • Medicare Solutions
  • Long or Short Term Care
  • Emergency Medical Transportation
  • Term & Whole Life
  • Hearing
  • Dental and Vision Coverage
  • Cancer/Heart/Stroke

New to our Dental & Vision Plans? Here’s how to enroll:


You can enroll securely online by going to ambadentalvision.com/ncrgea.


Call 833.605.0727 & an AMBA benefits representative will assist you in enrolling over the phone

New members & new retirees who retired in the past year will receive an enrollment packet by mail. NCRGEA members with the current Dental and/or Vision coverage will receive a letter & change forms. Remember, NO ACTION IS REQUIRED if you are currently enrolled in these plans & do not wish to make any changes.

At NCRGEA, we are always looking for ways to provide members even more value. Watch for new enhancements that will be added to your dental plan in January!