Six Reasons to Become an Advocate

In April, we will offer virtual training on issues facing retirees and strat- egies to best advocate for our retiree community. Join us and become a retiree advocate.

Here are six reasons to become an advocate:

  1. To safeguard your retirement, quality of life, and one of your biggest investments over the span of you career: your pension. While your pension benefits are protected by both the state constitution and case law, your voice to secure cost of living adjustments and other bonuses needs to be heard.
  2. To safeguard the future investments of our children, be they our own or those in our communities: We need teachers, law enforcement officers, first responders and all professionals who keep our communities safe, clean, and highly functioning. A well-funded and well-managed pension will allow communities to continue recruiting top candidates.
  3. To protect one of our state’s greatest, and most important, assets: North Carolina Retirement Systems is the 26th largest defined benefit system in the world. Year after year it remains one of the top ten best funded systems in the United States and fuels the state’s AAA bond rating. It is a gem worth fighting to protect.
  4. Because at the end of the day, advocacy is fun. We love our families, communities; we love North Carolina. Advocating shows our dedication and passion for the Old North State and her people.
  5. Because it fosters leadership: it takes gumption to stand up for something, no matter how right you may be on the matter. We are all called to be leaders. You have an opportunity to develop your leadership skills by participating in NCRGEA advocacy trainings.
  6. It is time to patch back together our lives from the destruction of the COVID-19 pandemic. You had to shelter in place for your health and for our public health, but that does not mean you have to sacrifice your voice, principles, or future.

We hope you will join us! Stay in touch by visiting