Become service oriented by expanding informational and educational offerings.


Overall Objective

Average of 10% increase in people who watch, read, or engage with NCRGEA content
offerings per quarter (includes views of YouTube videos + views of websites containing
educational/informational content)

NCRGEA is committed to expand its informational and educational offerings to become the “go-to” resource for government retirees in North Carolina.

This will allow retirees to see NCRGEA as even more valuable to their lives and see the multitude of benefits of being a member of NCRGEA, beyond only advocacy for COLAs and other retirement benefits.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Design New Educational Content to Address Needs of Member

  • By Summer 2021, the NCRGEA will have defined purpose, mission, roles of Staff/Board/ Members and values of the community group initiative
  • By Summer 2021, the NCRGEA will have
    developed guidelines for local groups and

Develop Channels for Sharing Content & Opportunities

  • By Q2 2022, a minimum of nine community groups formed and initial meetings held.

Leverage Partnerships to Increase Reach & Breadth of Content

  • By Q1 2022, attendance in established community groups grows by 25% per
    year each year (beginning Summer 2022)
  • By Q2 2023, each local community group sets individual goals for numbers and types of activities offered for local
    membership engagement