Use Our How-To Video Tutorials to Follow NCRGEA on Facebook

With Association members who range from the technologically savvy to those who have limited interactions with computers or mobile devices, NCRGEA has committed itself to a hybrid communication format – print and electronic – to address all member needs.

Why Facebook?

Our feedback reveals that Facebook is the social media of choice for our retired members. Consequently, if you’re on Facebook and not following the NCRGEA Facebook page, don’t miss an opportunity to stay up-to-date on news and events impacting members. Our page features breaking information, details about health benefits, special events, and more. 

Video Tutorials: How to Follow the NCRGEA Page

To make it easy, the Association has created two tutorials – one for our desktop/laptop users and another for those who prefer to use mobile devices. 

Computer/Laptop Browsers

Click here to view a video tutorial for desktop and laptop computer browsers.

Mobile Devices

Click here to view a video tutorial for mobile devices.

Issues with Video Quality?

Occasionally, some computers and other devices may deliver a lower-quality video playback due to YouTube Settings. We have created this step-by-step document for your convenience on how to change that setting to achieve a better experience.