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NCRGEA Statement on the North Carolina Senate Budget

NCRGEA Statement on the North Carolina Senate Budget

June 23, 2021                                                                                                                        

Contact: Richard Rogers   richard@ncrgea.com


RALEIGH, NC—Senate budget writers released their 2021 biennium budget this afternoon, with a humble but anticipated increase in spending of 7 percent over the next two years.

Typical to the senate’s principles, local and state government retirees are not included in today’s budget draft. Once again, we are disappointed at the disconnect between the senate and the retirees who helped build North Carolina to what it is today, making our state a national economic, educational, and cultural leader.

While disappointed, we invite and encourage senate leadership to have an open and honest conversation about the plight of government retirees. Allowing inflation to swallow the value of public pensions and ignoring the needs of government retirees is not fiscally conservative governing. It is, particularly among those earning the lowest pensions, a full proof way to create a larger class of underserved residents in North Carolina.

Let us not be confused about the responsibility of our state’s legislature. Fully funding the state’s public pension and the State Health Plan is not a gift for retirees: it is a constitutionally mandated responsibility of the North Carolina General Assembly. Both case law as well as the state Constitution require the state to fulfill its requirement to pay pensioners what they rightfully earned.

Also, providing inflation relief through cost-of-living adjustments is not a gift: it is a requirement for lawmakers to responsibly care for their constituents. Allowing inflation to drown pension values, pushing an already vulnerable demographic into even more helpless situations, is not a partisan issue. It is an assault on the values our state holds most dear: fiscal responsibility, compassion, fulfilling our obligations, taking care of our communities.

Statesmanship is much more than merely managing public affairs. Statesmanship is the ability to understand those whom you are charged to govern—the student, the employee, the retiree—and be able to address their needs within fiscally responsible contours. We encourage our senate leadership to return to statecraft.



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Be An NCRGEA Super Advocate!!

As a local voice in your community, you can support NCRGEA by educating and advocating with state and local leaders in your community about matters important to retirees across North Carolina.

NCRGEA will provide training and talking points to support your efforts to raise awareness of retirees’ needs with our local and state elected officials.

Click on this link  https://ncrgea.wufoo.com/forms/r1ng668s0qgh9ac/  and answer a couple questions, and we will be in touch with you to get you started.

Find Your Nearest Location to Get Your COVID Vaccine


The NC Department of Health and Human Services has posted a searchable link to assist you in finding a location and set up an appointment to get your COVID vaccine shot. For more information, take a look at these videos.


REMINDER:  After your get your vaccine shot, be sure to keep your certificate of vaccination in a safe place.

You Have A Spot, Take Your Shot (EnglishSpanish / Captioned

Governor Jim Hunt on the importance of taking the COVID-19 shot 

Reverend Darryl Warren Aaron of Providence Baptist Church, Greensboro on the importance of taking the COVID-19 shot.  

Click here to view more videos.

Bringing Humana to You (BH2U) Online Events

State Health Plan Humana plan members, please join Humana for the Bringing Humana to You (BH2U) webinar events! These online events will be held April-June and will help you learn about how you can improve your health and well-being through education events, Humana resources, and how to get involved in activities. 

Humana representatives will share information about steps you can take to become the best version of yourself. The Bringing Humana to You (BH2U) online events are broken up into three categories.     

Get Involved Events (Tuesdays) allow you to participate in events and activities that encourage you to develop your overall well-being through Virtual Volunteering, Cooking Demonstrations, and Virtual Craft events.    

Resource Spotlight (Wednesdays) takes a deeper look into the resources available with your Humana Medicare Advantage PPO plan at no extra cost to you. Each session will highlight a specific Humana resource such as Pharmacy, Humana Neighborhood Centers, Go365, SilverSneakers, and more.    

Education Workshops (Thursdays) focus on educational topics such as the health benefits of getting a good night’s sleep, simple steps to boost your immunity, how to decompress from stress, foods to boost your brainpower, and cooking for one, just to name a few. 

Be on the lookout for a postcard that will be mailed to your home that will include registration instructions. Information about these events is also available on the custom Humana State Health Plan website here

You may also register today for one of the webinars; just click here

After registering for a webinar, you will receive a registration confirmation email with instructions on how to log into the webinar on the day of the event. 


It’s Time to Play!!!!!

HOW TO PLAY:  Click on this link NCRGEA Trivia!   Read the Trivia question and go find the answer somewhere on our NCRGEA website.

GAME PERIOD:  Trivia responses will be accepted from the 15th to the 30th of each month.  Every month, we will provide a new question.  Trivia answers can be found by searching our website:  www.ncrgea.com

WINNERS:  The first 50 members who submit the correct answer will receive a prize.  Your prize will be mailed to you so be sure we have your correct address by completing all the information on the Trivia form.  The Trivia game prize changes every month – so try to win them all!

BIG QUARTERLY PRIZES:  At the end of each quarter, we will place the names of all Trivia participants in a drawing for a $100 gift card.   Each quarterly winner will be featured in a future newsletter to showcase our membership.

Thank you for playing NCRGEA Trivia!

NCBAM Helps Older Adults Locate Vaccine Providers

Information and Referral Specialists at North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry’s (NCBAM) Call Center are available to help older adults 65+ locate COVID-19 vaccination providers, transportation assistance, and other community resources related to the pandemic. The NCBAM Call Center is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (877.506.2226).

Call Center Director Melanie Beeson explains, “The state does a good job of linking all its programs and resources on the Internet. But many older adults don’t own computers or they are not skilled at navigating the web. We help by accessing the regularly updated resources provided by North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services as well as other state programs that may be available in certain communities.” For example, in addition to assisting callers locate vaccination providers and transportation assistance, NCBAM Call Center staff can advise callers how to connect with the state’s COVID Support Services Program which is currently available in 29 counties to help people successfully quarantine.

NCBAM’s Call Center also reaches out to Baptist churches to help with special needs in their communities. Recently, a 79-year-old Boone resident phoned the Call Center. Beeson explains, “His driveway was covered in snow the day before his vaccination appointment. We can’t always find volunteers so quickly, but thankfully, an ASU student was able to clear the driveway and the man got his vaccination. We were all very grateful, and so was the caller. His wife made cookies for the student as thanks.”

NCBAM’s director, Dr. Sandy C. Gregory, maintains strong partnerships with North Carolina’s Aging Services Network. Says Gregory, “More than a million North Carolinians are at highest risk for complications and death from COVID-19. Now more than ever, NCBAM wants to do everything possible to assist in meeting their needs and obtaining vaccinations.”


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CALL TO ACTION: The House of Representatives is working on the 2021 budget. As it stands now, the Senate’s first version lacks needed cost-of-living money for retirees. Retirees deserve better!